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Please do not choose overnight courier service if you have this item in your cart,we can not post this is due to food and safety regulations.

Perfect as wedding tasting or simply wanna try all the flavours at once.

The flavours including:

Chocolate raspberry - chocolate sponge. raspberry jam. dark chocolate cream

Blueberry - blueberry sponge. blueberry jam. white chocolate cream

Tropical - vanilla sponge. mango jam. passionfruit cream

Coffee - coffee sponge. espresso jelly. coffee cream

Matcha - green tea sponge. red bean. matcha cream

Hazelnut chocolate - chocolate sponge. sea salt caramel. hazelnut praline cream

Lemon elderflower - lemon sponge. zesty lemon curd. elderflower cream

Pistachio strawberry - pistachio sponge. strawberry jam. pistachio praline cream

Coconut almond   - Coconut almond sponge. almond praline, coconut white chocolate cream 

Banana chocolate -Banana sponge. salted caramel. dark chocolate cream

Devil chocolate cake -  devil chocolate sponge. Callebaut 54% dark chocolate whipping ganache.

Tahitian vanilla cake - Tahitian vanilla sponge. vanilla whipping ganache

 Nationwide overnight courier - NOT available 

Local delivery - YES

Pick up - YES


Cake Dimensions

Measurement before any ganish

Height of the cake:

celebration cake height - 14 cm

everyday cake height - 8.5 cm

heart mousse cake - 6cm

Diameter of the cake

4 inch = 11 cm

5 inch = 13.5 cm

6 inch = 16 cm

7 inch = 18.5 cm

8 inch = 21 cm

heart mousse cake 17.5 cm



We offer local delivery on ALL PRODUCT in central Auckland 6-days a week via the delivery company bespoke to you.

The fragile nature of our product dictates that we take extreme care to ensure your order arrives in the same high standard as when it leaves our studio in Ellerslie.

We offer 2 delivery time slots for your convenience:


9am - 12pm 12pm - 3pm



The cost of your delivery will depend on the distance from our Ellerslie studio. 

Please note:

There will be an additional charge to re-deliver if the recipient is not home and there is no safe place to leave the order if the recipient is not home and no contact can be made we will endeavor to leave the order in the safest place possible. If we do so we will not be liable for any damage that may occur


We offer nationwide shipping for CHOCOLATE & CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTS ONLY  but all other product cannot.

Storage Instructions

Cakes should be stored in the refrigerator and taken out to be brought to room temperature half hour prior to serving.

Dessert bits serve directly from the fridge.

Chocolate and Treat box should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight (18ºC)

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